Choosing the Best Entrance Mats for Your Facility

An effective matting system is one of the best ways to keep dirt and grime at bay within your facility, while simultaneously protecting flooring investments by preventing slips and falls and helping reduce cleaning costs.

When selecting entrance mats for your facility, be sure to select ones that complement the decor and meet the needs of your business. This will create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for customers and visitors.

Entrance mats should serve as reliable floor protectors, so their material must be both sturdy and resilient. Rubber is one of the most reliable options on the market and can withstand varying weather conditions without cracking or tearing under pressure.

Outdoor entrance mats require materials that are moisture and dirt repellent. Preferably, this would include natural or recycled materials that are eco-friendly.

Additionally, an ideal mat should be easy to maintain and clean, helping it last longer and perform more effectively.

Some entrance mats are machine-washable, which makes cleaning them and keeping them looking their best easier than ever before. Unfortunately, this also causes them to wear down more rapidly compared to mats made with different materials.

Entrance mats provide a clean and safe environment for guests and staff. By reducing dirt and debris tracked between areas, entrance mats reduce the potential risk of slip-and-fall accidents and help ensure a positive first impression of your facility.

Entrance mat designs can make an enormous impactful statement about who owns and uses them, so it’s crucial that they feature designs that are visually appealing yet easy to read and navigate. For maximum effectiveness, choose designs with clean lines that make their message clear without becoming distracting or complicated to interpret.

Selecting an appropriate color scheme is also of utmost importance; this should correspond with the current logo, employee uniforms and any facility decor elements.

Color choice should also be key in helping customers associate your logo on an entrance mat with your business. Doing this ensures they can easily recognize it upon entry.

To order a custom logo mat, it is necessary to specify whether or not it will have a landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) orientation. Selecting an orientation ensures that your logo will be presented in an upright and legible manner.

Size matters when it comes to entrance mats for your facility – choosing the appropriate size can make your lobby and entryway appear clean, organized and welcoming.

Before choosing an entrance mat, it is wise to measure both width and height of your doorways so as to get an accurate assessment of its size needs. This will provide an idea of which mat size best meets them.

At your facility, it’s also essential to consider what type of traffic passes through daily. In Ultimate Mats , the higher foot traffic volume there is, the larger entrance mats should be.
Safety Edges

As winter nears, it’s essential that facilities take precautionary steps to ensure their residents’ safety. Seniors, in particular, are susceptible to slip-and-fall accidents due to slippery pathways.

One easy way to secure your walkways is installing entrance mats. Entrance mats absorb moisture that accumulates on shoes during cold spells, making it easier for walkers to keep their footing without fear of slipperiness or falling over.

Entrance mats often feature yellow-edged edges on all four edges to delineate and draw attention to areas requiring caution. This commercial anti fatigue mat is the ideal example, featuring four vivid colors and high visibility yellow edges on both its top and bottom coverage areas of 3-by-5 feet.

In 2012, the American National Standards Institute issued the ANSI/NFSI B101.6-2012 standard guide “Commercial Entrance Matting to Reduce Slips Trips and Falls”. These regulations outline what commercial facilities must do to decrease their number of slip-and-fall incidents.